lay out

lay out
Synonyms and related words:
KO, align, anesthetize, arrange, array, bedaze, benumb, besot, blast, block out, blot out, blow down, blow over, blueprint, blunt, bowl down, bowl over, bring down, budget, bulldog, bump off, carve, cast, cast down, chart, chisel, chloroform, chop down, coldcock, cool off, cost, cost out, create, croak, cut, cut down, dash down, deaden, deck, deploy, desensitize, diagram, disburse, dispose, do in, dope, down, drop, drug, dull, efform, embalm, equalize, erase, etherize, even, expend, fashion, fell, fetch down, figure, fix, flatten, floor, flush, forge, fork out, form, formalize, found, frame, freeze, get, give the business, go through, grade, graph, ground, gun down, harmonize, hew, hew down, hierarchize, hit, ice, incur costs, invest, kayo, knead, knock down, knock out, knock senseless, knock stiff, knock unconscious, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay off, level, lick into shape, lie in state, line up, map, map out, mark off, mark out, marshal, measure off, measure out, methodize, mint, model, mold, mow down, mummify, narcotize, normalize, numb, obtund, off, open the purse, order, organize, outlay, pace off, pacify, palsy, paralyze, pay, pay out, plan, plot, plot out, polish off, precipitate, prostrate, pull down, put out, put to sleep, quiet, rank, rase, raze, regularize, regulate, roll, roll flat, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, routinize, rub out, rule off, run through, schedule, sculpt, sculpture, send headlong, set, set off, set out, set up, settle, shape, shell out, sink money in, sketch, sketch out, smooth, smooth out, smoothen, spend, splurge, spread-eagle, squander, stamp, standardize, steamroll, steamroller, step off, structure, stun, stupefy, supinate, systematize, tailor, take care of, take down, thermoform, throw, throw down, throw money around, topple, tranquilize, trip, tumble, waste, whack down, wipe out, work, zap

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Lay-out — auch: Lay|out 〈[lɛıaʊt] n. 15〉 Entwurf für Text u. Bildgestaltung [<engl. lay out „Anlage“] * * * Lay|out, Lay out [leɪ |a̮ut , auch: leɪ… ], das; s, s [engl. layout, eigtl. = das Ausbreiten, der Grundriss, zu: to lay out = ↑ aufreißen (5)]: 1 …   Universal-Lexikon

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